10 Ways Lavender Oil Can Be Beneficial To Hair and Skin

Lavender is one of the mostly used essential oils in the world. It can be used for various purposes and can be highly beneficial to hair and skin.

Here are the 10 ways how Lavender oil can be beneficial to hair and skin:

1. Soothing effect

Do you want to cherish soothing effect on your skin? Then get your beautiful skin massaged with Lavender oil daily. The enchanting fragrance of it can make you feel out an out relaxed as it boosts the alpha waves inside the brain. Moreover, by inhaling it you can extract out all the stress from your mind. A few drops of lavender oil can work as a wonder when you inhale it or mix it with water while taking bath as it can leave a calming effect on your mind and body.

2. Skin detox

Are you suffering from inflammations on your skin? Are you fed up with the increasing premature aging signs on your skin?Then lavender oil can help you. Being an antioxidant it can cure those disorders making your skin look flawless. Skin to extract out the toxins which can also lower the stress related hormones. You can go for a warm bath by adding 10 drops of the oil to Epsom salts at least once in a week to make your skin better.

3. Can cure acne

Unlike other oils, lavender oil will not aggravate acne. It comes with antiseptic and antibacterial features due to which it will never block the pores onskin. It can kill the bacterias and can also reduce the irritation promoting the quality of your skin.You can make a great facial toner by adding a tablespoon of witch hazel with a few drops of lavender oil and apply it on your skin on a daily basis using cotton. By doing so you can really stop the breakouts and flaunt a flawless skin.

4. Reduces pain in bodies

As it has been already said that Lavender essential has got anti-inflammatory properties you can get relief from the aches on your body when you start applying it on the pain stricken areas. Massage daily and get relief from every pain on your body. You can also inhale it before going to bed in order to lessen your pain and have a good sleep.

5. Cures cuts and bruises

Like the pains, Lavender essential oil can also cure the cuts and bruises on your skin due to its antimicrobial properties. You can also mix it up with other essential oils like cinnamon, tea tree, etc to get rid of the fungal infections on your body.

6. Increases blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is a must to keep healthy always. So if you want to boost your blood circulation , then start applying Lavender essential oil on your skin. It will be beneficial for your heart as well as the muscles thereby improving the blood circulation.

7. Cures respiratory disorders

If you want to put an end to all your respiratory issues then do use Lavender essential oil.It can loosen the phlegm and always help to get relief from asthma, cold, flu and other respiratory disorders. You can inhale the vapors of lavender oil or add it to a diffuser to solve your respiratory disorders.

8. Kills insects

Lavender oil is indeed an insect repellent as it can kill mosquitos, moths, midges, etc when it is sprayed upon them. You can mix up a few drops of it with a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply it on your skin before going outside helping to keep away the bugs from you. The oil can also be effective in curing the pain and irritation on your skin.

8. Kills insects

Improves dry scalp and removes dandruff

Does you itchy scalp is getting on your nerves? Then get relief from it by applying lavender oil on your scalp. By adding 15 drops of antimicrobial and antiseptic oil to the 2 tablespoons of almond or olive oil and then massaging it, you can actually throw away all the dandruff from your tresses making it healthy than before.

10. Stops hair fall

Hair loss is one of the most common problems people are facing these days. If you are suffering from alopecia or other hair fall related disease then massage your scalp with lavender essential oil regularly. It will not only reduce the hair fall but will also promote hair growth. So if you love your hair and take great care of it, then all you need is Lavender oil.

So buy genuine lavender essential oil in Singapore as soon as possible to bring an outstanding improvement in your skin and hair.

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