How To Buy The Best Air Purifier in Singapore

Do you want to buy a quality air purifier in Singapore? Then it has to be quite a baffling task for you. But you do not need to worry for that. You can easily pick out the best purifier for yourself if you keep certain things in mind.

Following are the considerations that need to be done prior buying an ideal air purifier in Singapore:

  • Prefilter : It is certainly the most important part of a diffuser as it attracts the hazardous elements present in the air and remove them totally.It can even catch hold fragments that are 1 micron or larger in size. Look for the pre filter that can clean up PM 2.5 particles which fills the air of Singapore with dirt when it is cloudy.

    • HEPA Filter : High Energy Particulate Air (HEPA) filter can remove approx 99.97 % of aerial elements making it definitely most wanted thing in an air diffuser. You can get varied sorts of HEPA filters making it a bit difficult for you to choose the right one. Do look for the label TRUE HEPA which assures to remove 99.97% of particles that are 3 microns in size. You can also get HEPA-type purifiers which are only to deceive buyers.If you fail to get information on exactly what size of particles in what percentage the purifier can extract , then do invest on them as they are certainly not the right products.
    • Ionic Air Purifiers : These are unlike HEPA filters as they emit a large number of negatively charged ions inside  the air which get attached to the particles present over there making them negatively charged thereon. This results in heavyweight of elements which bog them down to the ground.But there is something that may bother you! As per EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) the emission of ozone can cause chest pain, throat irritation and other health issues which can be harmful for your babies and pets if you have. So if you want  yourself and your closed ones to be protected from ozone , ionic purifiers are big No No for you.
    • Ultra Low Penetrating Air (ULPA) : These are highly priced air diffusers which were mainly created to utilize in hospitals. They are capable to throw out 98.99% of 0.1 micron elements as they come with an intercut web of microfibers. If you are willing to pay a lofty amount  for purifier then it can be the ideal choice for you.

    So do keep the above mentioned points in mind before buying the most effective air purifier which can completely purify the clouds of Singapore.

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