The Kirona Scent Story

Well, if you're on this page you're probably wondering: "what's this 'Kironascent' all about?"

We're going to do this slightly differently - we're not going to bore you with the usual jibber jabber like most companies would. Instead of going on about where we're based (we're based in Singapore) or when we sprouted (we started in 2015) and what we're passionate about (smelling good, obviously), we'll try to keep things interesting and relevant to you, our customer. Instead of just going on about ourselves, we'll try to make this "about us" page about YOU.

Kirona Essential Oils

Picture this: your room lifted by the sweet smell of apricot peach one day and by the crisp, smell of Adirondacks pines the next. Now, you're probably wondering: who/what/where is the Adirondacks? I'm glad you asked. It's a mountain range in Upstate New York with nothing but the cleanest and most refreshing air we've ever experienced. The abundance of pine growth only adds to magic scent in the air. And, that was what inspired our quest to find a blend for various scents and add them, to our list of fragrances.

The point is, we want to bring a scent-sational living to you, for every occasion and every mood. You'll never be bored with how your house smells anymore. Of course, the story doesn't stop there. After choosing a scent, you'll need a diffuser to keep the fragrance in circulation (just blowing on the oil is not recommended.. nor will it work).

aroma diffuser singapore

Besides just providing you with the scent, we have a diffuser to provide for your every need. Want to humidify your room with scented mist? We got that covered. Want one in your car? Got that too. Want a USB-powered one to keep you company while working? Yup, we have that. Want a simple water-based diffuser? Got it. Want one that doesn't require cables or electricity? Of course we have that. Want one that you can WEAR? No surprise, we got it. 

"Wow, Kirona, you have everything! But how do I get my hands on your amazing products?", you're probably asking. Why, thank you. Well, to get your hands on our diffusers or oils (or both, a package is always a better deal), simply go to our home page, choose the product you want, and we will deliver it to you doorstep. If you need more information about each scent and it's benefit, you can check it out here.

So, that's it. That's our story.