Essential Oils

Types of Essential Oil

How To Choose The Right Oil?

Aroma Reed Refill for Reed Diffusers
Aroma Reed Refill

For reed diffusers and clay diffusers.

Aroma Reed Refill is formulated to provide a well-balanced scent intensity and lasting effect.

Essential Oil For Humidifiers, Aroma Diffusers, Air Purifiers

Diffuser Essential Oil

For aroma diffusers that require water to operate such as, humidifiers and air purifiers.

Water-based essential oil. Formulated to blend
with water to provide a consistent scent throughout diffusion.

Pure Essential Oil for Electric Diffusers, Candle Burners, Nebulizers

Pure Essential Oil

For candle burners, electric diffusers, and aroma nebulizers.

Oil-based essential oil.
For aroma diffusers that
do not require water.