Charming Feather Clay Diffuser (Premium)

A symbol of greater heights and freedom, the feather is believed to bring good luck and making wishes come true. This classy ceramic charm was designed to deliver abundance and succession.  

Clay diffusers are simple to use and hassle-free. 

  • 120ml capacity
  • Hassle-free
  • No electricity, burner required
  • Constant and strong fragrance
  • Eliminates bad odour
  • Classic design suitable for decoration and desk

Includes a bottle of 120ml Kirona's Aroma Reed Refill

Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing. 
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How to use:
1. Pour about half a cap of Aroma Reed Refill on the ceramic clay feather
2. Pour the remaining refill into the glass bottle
3. Place the ceramic clay feather back into the glass bottle

  • $28.90
  • $28.90