Dewberry Essential Oil

Dewberry Essential Oil Singapore

Dewberry Essential Oil

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About Dewberry Essential Oil

Dewberry essential oil is a distinct and luscious scent. With its sweet, fruity, and luscious scent, Dewberry reminds one of garden picnics and country cottages, creating a crisp aroma sure to captivate the senses. Dewberry essential oil is perfect for those who enjoy a delectable scent in their home or on their body. It is ideally suited as deodorant, an inhalation aid or even in steam therapy applications such as facials and atomizers. Whether it's for aromatherapy, deodorizing, or de-stressing, dewberry essential oil may be just the perfect alternative you need for your wellness regime!

- Crisp aroma
- Luscious

Therapeutic Properties / Health Benefits

Refreshes the mind
Freshen up space

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