Jasmine Essential Oil

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Jasmine Essential Oil

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About Jasmine Essential Oil

People are constantly looking for natural ways to take care of their mental health, and jasmine essential oil may be a key part of the solution. Jasmine scent has been shown to elevate moods and alleviate stress due to its ultra-relaxing aroma. Studies have even shown jasmine as an effective anti-depressant when inhaled through an aroma diffuser or used in spa treatments. In spite of jasmine's delicate petals, this flower has incredible strength when it comes to assisting with stress relief and promoting mental wellbeing.
With a captivating and strong floral aroma, this versatile material is the driving force behind some of today's most beloved fragrances.

- Lifting
- Anti-Depressant

Therapeutic Properties / Health Benefits

Reduce depression
Reduce anxiety
Promote emotional wellbeing

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