• Mori Diffuser (Pack of 3) (New Deal)

Mori Diffuser (Pack of 3) (New Deal)


Pack of 3! Share with friends or family or simply keep all 3 for yourself! 

Mori, a brand new addition to the diffuser family!

Should you require something without electricity and smells good at the same time, you've come to the right page! This is suitable to be used for cars, wardrobes as well as home decor! 

Capacity - 10ML 
Material - Wood & Glass 

Things to note: 
- Tilt the bottle slightly so that the wooden lid will be able to absorb the liquid and diffuse the scent
- Please do not leave it upside down as it may cause the liquid to leak 
- Do note that closing the wooden lid all the way may not align perfectly with the bottle