• Pack of 10 120ml DEO (FREE Arctic Mountain DEAL]
  • Pack of 10 120ml DEO (FREE Arctic Mountain DEAL]

Pack of 10 120ml DEO (FREE Arctic Mountain DEAL]

Yes! Get 1 free arctic mountain ultrasonic humidifier with purchase of 10 bottles of 120ml Diffuser Essential Oil!

Diffuser Essential Oil:
Water-based essential oil
Consistent scent throughout diffusing
No harmful chemicals
100% botanical extracts
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
100% alcohol free
Made In Singapore

Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts

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Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing.
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12.6cm x 11.6cm x 8.7cm (D x W x H)
Capacity: 60ml
Cont. Mode: Up to 5 hours
Compatible to use with water-based essential oil
Auto Shut Off
Cable Length: Approx 1m

Corresponding to it's name, it does look like a mountain filled with snow! The main highlight of this diffuser: one button!
Press once, it will turn on. Second time, it will turn off. And that's it, no frills no nothing! 
1. Remove the cover
2. Fill the tank with water below the max line
3. Add approx 5ml of your preferred essential oil
4. Place the cover back on and plug the unit into power 
5. Press the power button and enjoy the scented vapour slowly filling up your space
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