• Ramadan Fragrance Spray Deal

Ramadan Fragrance Spray Deal

Ramadan Fragrance Spray Deal includes:

5x Fragrance Spray

2x Mori Hanging Diffuser

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Start scenting up your home today!  
Kirona Fragrance Spray
Our fragrance spray are great as fuss-free solutions to freshen and scent a space instantly. Surround yourself with your favourite aromatherapy scents from morning till night by using it as a room spray, bathroom spray or even pillow mist!

- Instant scent diffusion
- Antibacterial properties
- No electricity
- No flame
- No maintenance

Made with therapeutic grade essential oils, fine fragrances and SD alcohol

Freshen up any space effortlessly with our fragrance spray now! Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing.
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