Fragrance Spray: Versatile, Handy & Sleek

Today, let us talk about one of our most versatile products, that is the Kirona Scent Fragrance Spray. This product truly is the swiss army knife when we talk about its use case. Ranging from using it as a room spray / air freshener, pillow mist & also a linen spray.


  1. Room Spray / Air Freshener


With just two spritz from our fragrance spray, instantly freshen up any space and help set change the tone of the room instantly. This is a must have for last minute unexpected guests. Keep it in the bathroom, bedroom or the living room. It will definitely come in handy.


As our fragrance sprays are infused with our signature essential oils, the scent from our sprays is more natural and we also have a much wider selection as compared to traditional air fresheners available on the market ranging from fragrances inspired by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton to natural fragrances like Eucalyptus & Yulong. Giving you the control on how you want your room to smell like. (P.S. Its matte black aesthetics also make it look much sleeker when compared to the traditional air freshener)


  1. Pillow Mist


The fragrance spray also doubles up a pillow mist and is perfect for adding a calming and soothing scent to your bed time routine. Scents like lavender and lemongrass will be an excellent choice to help create a relaxing and peaceful environment to lull even the most restless sleeper to sleep.


  1. Linen Spray


Last but definitely not the least, our fragrance spray can also be used as a linen spray that can be used on surfaces ranging from curtains, upholstery, beddings, carpets, and even your clothes. This will help to ensure that every aspect of your living space is refreshed.



To top it all off, our sprays are proudly made and bottled in Singapore, ensuring safe production practices & top quality. Paired this together with our commitment to using premium ingredients, we aim to cater to everyone. From the aromatherapy enthusiast to the people who are experiencing aroma therapy for the first time.

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