How Lavender Oil Can Be Beneficial To Your Skin

Do you want your skin to look flawless every time? Then you can make it look so by applying lavender oil on it regularly.It can be the perfect thing for all types of skin as it can heal the spots, pimples and rashes. It consists of a chemical content linalool which leaves a soothing effect making you feel relaxed. So it can be an ideal product for a peaceful sleep at night.

Do not forget to go through the GC/MS reports when you go for purchasing Lavender essential oil in a departmental or online store as it will exactly tell you about the oil’s constituents. Always go for the ones which contain high percentage of linalool as that can be excellent for your skin.

The best way to use Lavender essential oil by mixing up a small amounts of it with other oils. Lets see how it can be beneficial to your skin by adding 10 to 12 drops of it to the following oils:

Avocado oil : It is also known as Persea gratissima.It can increase the hydration in your skin. By applying it on a regular basis, you can get a firm skin as it can tighten all the pores.

Marula oil : It is also known as Sclerocarya birrea. It can significantly decrease the dullness and gift you with a shiny skin making you look more beautiful.
Argan oil: It is also known as Argania spinosa. It can gradually remove the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin which can stop you from looking aged and retain your girlhood forever.

Coconut oil : It is also known as Cocos nucifera.To get rid of extremely dry skin and soothe it, you should use coconut and lavender oil. They do not block the pores and can improve the quality of your skin.

Baobab oil: It is also known as Adansonia digitata . It can rejuvenate your skin and can make you look youthful all day long. As it contains high nutrients and vitamins it can any day be a great choice for your skin.

Trauma Oil : It is a combo of calendula,arnica and St.John’s wort can effectively solve the traumas you go through when you have a sensitive skin.Its therapeutic properties can soothe your skin and cure the inflammations.

So go for them if you love your skin and dream to look awesome no matter when.

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