Success attainment broken down into 8 easy steps

I'm sure you've heard "it's all in the mind" countless times. But why is it so hard then? And where exactly in the mind is "it"? And what is "it"? 

Success is such a broad term that its definition is something constantly debated over. So to begin, let's first define what we refer to as success.

There are many different kinds of success, as we all know. Financial success, business success, political success, musical success, mission success or even parental success are just a few of countless examples.

Success, when broken down, is ultimately achieving a goal you set out to. Closer to home, this could range from anything from losing weight to learning a new instrument, learning to invest or even starting a business.

To keep this generic, let's use something we can all relate to: losing weight. Ready? Let's go.

1. Don't expect the change to happen over-night
In other words, it's all about managing expectations. Before Microsoft was founded, Bill Gates spent years in his garage. Before President Richard Nixon was elected in 1968, he spent 8 years as a vice-president, lost his first presidential election and waited another 4 years before running again. The same applies to something as simple as losing weight. Don't expect to get a 6-pack overnight. The point is, success is a gradual and tiresome process and you have to be prepared.

2. Baby steps
Well, how do you prepare then? Baby steps. Everything between you and your goal can be modularlised into tiny steps. Plan and execute each step at a time and a hike will feel like a stroll.

If you're planning to lose weight - start slow by choosing a gym, picking a meal plan, running a few KMs, lifting lighter weights. With the right mindset and the small steps, your improvment will snowball. Momemtun is your friend here.

3. Utilize available resources to your advantage
Navigating a new field can be tricky - you may not always know where or how to start. Thankfully, we can find almost all the information on the net. Not sure what exercises to begin with? Google it. Not sure which gym to try? Google it. If you need a more specialized opinion, there's always the library. It's free, you have no excuses.

4. Surround yourself with the like-minded
This is perhaps the most subjective point. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people - in this case, fitness buffs - can give you a positive energy to feed off. But of couse, this isn't always possible.

If you're stuck with negative energy (maybe because of where you work), try utilising this negative energy to your advantage. Tell yourself what you see around you is not who you want to become. That'll be the motivation to get your ass to the gym and out of the hole.


5. Separate planning from execution
Why is this important you may ask? Well, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you rid yourself of temptation. If you tell yourself to hit the gym every Saturday morning, it's a certainty. However, if you tell yourself, "I'll see how on Saturday morning", you delay the decision to the moment, and in that moment you'll be susceptible to temptation. You don't want that.

Secondly, you give yourself foresight. If you mix your planning and execution, it's harder to plan clearly for the long run. You can't work out your baby steps and you can't utilise momentum.

Plan. Then execute. It's that simple.

6. Motivation vs. discipline
Confusing motivation with discipline is perhaps the largest pitfall when achieving a goal. Maybe you saw Chris Evans in Captain America and were motivated to get back in shape. In that moment, your ambition and motivation was swell. Perfect, you might think. But did it last? Probably not. Probably not even till the next day. Motivation does not keep people in shape. Discipline does.

We all have our bad days, even athletes. And on those bad days, motivation is far and few. On those bad days, its discipline that pushes you to hit the gym and take another baby step towards your goal. It's discipline that keeps you going, remember that. Motivation is the spark, discipline is the fuel. Use each wisely and differently and never confuse the two.

7. Routine
Netwon's first law of motion states: "An object in motion stays in motion...". The same applies here. If you're constantly working hard, the hard work will compound and fuel itself. If you've been used to getting up early on Saturdays to hit the gym, chances are next Saturday you won't think twice about it when the alarm rings at 8am. Routine has a compounding effect that grows like an oak tree - only stronger with time. Plan your routine early-stage and execute them with discipline.

8. Internalize
Have a plan set in motion? Great. But every now and then, stop and ask yourself how things are going. Am I progressing the rate I want to? What am I doing right? What am i doing wrong? What is making this process easier? What is making this harder? What do I need to change now? Can i push myself harder?

There's that. Here are our tips - tried and tested. At Kirona, we're all about improving your lifestyle. If you're into weight-loss, fitness, dieting or more lifestyle tips in general; stay tuned.

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