Tips To Prepare Lavender Essential Oil At Home

Lavender oil is one of the mostly used ingredients in several cosmetic products. It can leave a soothing effect on your skin and make you look immensely delightful at any moment. It can also be taken internally as tea that can enhance your health condition. You can make lavender oil on your own at your home and then start using it to enjoy its benefits.
Here are the tips on making lavender essential oil :
  •  Take 1 cup of fresh lavender flowers and warm it in a double boiler set to a simmer.
  •  Put 1 cup of grape seed or almond oil into it.
  •  Hold firmly when it simmers in order to take out all the excessive oils.
  •  Then stir the mixture again and again.
  •  Remove the mixture from heat after half an hour.
  •  Then leave the mixture to soak for a whole day.
  •  Filter the oil by using a fine strainer except the leaves and flowers.
  •  You can also mix it up with a certain amount of Vitamin E oil to make it ultra moisturizing.
  •  Then keep your lavender oil stored in a dark colored glass bottle with a well fitted lid.
Now your lavender essential oil is fully ready to be used but do not forget to pour a little bit of it on your wrist to test whether it’s strong or not as it can be very effective.
Are you fed up with your dry skin? Do you want to get rid of it right away? Then you can make a homemade cream by using lavender oil and make your skin moisturized. Add a few drops of oil to a liquid cream and start applying it but again do not forget to check it on inside of your wrist before using it on your whole body. So use it , feel relaxed and retain the moisture on your skin everlastingly.

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