Buy Essential Oils—The Secret Trick You Might Not Know

Essential Oils: A Host of Benefits

Aromatic oils are about so much more than filling your space with pretty scents (although that in itself is a good enough reason to start collecting them). For instance, the right oil can offer therapeutic benefits including relaxation, rejuvenation, and mental alertness. It can also elevate a room’s atmosphere, creating different effects depending on the scent you go for. Buying essential oils can be so much fun—especially as you begin experimenting with creating your own fragrance mixes. The possibilities are endless!

What’s more, a stylish oil diffuser, oil burner, or reed diffuser enhances the appearance of your space. Plus, let’s not forget the aural element, as the soft gurgle of water in an aroma diffuser is certainly very soothing in itself. Aroma oils, then, are a multi-sensory experience.

With so many choices of fragrance on the market, where do you start when it comes to buying essential oils? One method is to choose the right one for your purpose—and there’s actually a secret to this that a lot of people don’t know. But once you do, you can get the very most from your aromas.


How Do You Choose the Best Essential Oil for You?

When shopping for oils, many people make the mistake of thinking they’re all fairly interchangeable. After all, if they all come in little glass bottles and smell nice, what does it matter which one you pick? Isn’t it just down to cost and personal taste?
Not quite, as there is another important consideration—what will you be using the essential oil for? You can choose from a number of types, meaning it’s crucial to check labels and product descriptions. Let’s look at three key types.

1.    Pure Essential Oil

Our Pure Essential Oil are oil-based and mainly used for air-scenting with aroma diffusers that do not require the use of water. Waterless diffusers such as aroma nebulizers and electric burners uses Pure Essential Oil to operate.

Pure essential oils can have therapeutic benefits, particular in aromatherapy. With this holistic healing method, the scents of different oils are said to have a variety of effects on the mind, body and emotions.

This can include everything from lifting mood to relieving pain to aiding digestion. Aromatherapists might give their clients particular oils to sniff from the bottle, or massage them directly onto skin after safely diluting them with a carrier oil.

In terms of healing properties, floral and woodsy lavender oil is said to aid relaxation and sleep, while sharp and refreshing peppermint can help with fatigue. It’s thought that earthy clary sage can reduce feelings of irritability, while warming chamomile can ease skin issues like rashes or eczema.

And you don’t have to go to an aromatherapist to enjoy these benefits — a couple of drops of oil in the bathtub can give you a boost. Plus, you can use pure essential oils to make your own beauty products, including bubble baths, soaps and lotions.

2.    Diffuser Essential Oil

Are you a fan of aroma diffusers that requires water to operate such as, humidifiers and water air purifiers? Then you’ll know that as well as sending a deliciously scented mist across your space, these little devices offer lots of other practical benefits. For instance, a water air purifier can eliminate undesirable odours like heavy cooking smells, as well as dust particles in the air.

Yet beyond that, there’s just something very ‘zen garden’ about having a scent diffuser burbling away gently in the corner like a miniature fountain. Maybe that’s why people who work from home often seem to love them, as they create an ambient background effect that can aid concentration and calm.

If you’re throwing a party, you can use your aroma diffuser to create exactly the vibe you want. Opt for luxurious hotel scents for festivities, playful florals for a summer soiree, and sensuous Lush scent for a romantic ‘party’ for two.

But did you know you need a specific type of oil for such aroma diffusers that requires water? And what’s more, pure essential oil might not always be ideal. That’s because pure essential oils will float on the surface of the water rather than mixing with it, meaning they don’t diffuse properly. As a result, you might get a bit of a mixed, inconsistent effect fragrance-wise, with occasional strong bursts of scent and then…nothing much at all.

This is why, when choosing the best essential oils for diffusers that requires water, you need to shop for water-based essential oils designed for that usage. These will blend well with the water properly, giving your room a whole lot more ‘aroma oomph.’ Now you know.

3.    Aroma Reed Oil

Not only do reed diffusers look pretty—they’re also an aesthetically pleasing way to create a subtle, continuous background scent when you’re not using an oil burner or air purifier. In other words, they’re an ideal complementary fragrance solution. You can simply pop them in the corner of a room and leave them to do their work. Reed diffusers do not require the use of electricity and fire, thus making it a safe and convenient way to scent up a space!

However, like all good things, such scent diffusers eventually come to an end when the oil runs out. But this doesn’t mean you should just throw your favourite one away—you can easily extend its life by topping it up with a reed diffuser refill oil and changing a set of new reed sticks.

Yet this is where you should shop wisely because, just like water-based diffusers, reed diffusers also need their own special type of essential oils. This is because the ‘sticks’ in the glass diffusers are, in fact, porous rattan reeds. These reed sticks absorb scented oil before diffusing it gently through the air.

For this reason, you need to select a lightweight essential oil that can travel up reed diffuser sticks quickly. Otherwise, your aroma will be weaker (that’s why we formulated our Aroma Reed Refill to ensure you get the right essential oil for the best scent effect).

So, if you’re looking for a reed diffuser oil, make sure to choose the right kind to enjoy a strong and lasting scent.


Find Your Perfect Essential Oil

Now that we’ve looked at the different categories of oil, you can now get to the fun part—choosing your scents.

Ideally, when buying essential oils, the aim should be to build up a collection of aromas for every purpose, mood, and space. Whether it’s relaxing lavender for unwinding after a busy day, uplifting bergamot to perk you up when you’re low, or agarwood for greater focus while working from home, you can find the ideal essential oil for different aspects of your life.

Scent really is powerful—it can soothe, calm, heal, uplift, inspire, and revitalise. And what’s more, a well-chosen aroma can add a little magic and flair to a living space—and all it takes is just a few drops of oil.

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