Posh Reed Diffuser (Royal Blue)

Posh Reed Diffuser
A luxurious masterpiece blending blue and gold hues giving it a touch of royalty. 
Blue is a soothing colour that helps you find peace and calm your mind.

Add Posh to your space and flaunt it!
All Posh Reed Diffuser comes with a 250ml Reed Refill instead of the usual 120ml!

Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing.

Available in Luxe Fuchsia and Jade Green

200ml capacity


No electricity, burner required

Constant fragrance

Use more reed sticks for bigger areas

Eliminates bad odour

Attractive design suitable for offices, study, conference room
Approx 7.2cm x 11cm (W x H) (Glass bottle without reed sticks)

Approx 7.2cm x 26cm (Glass bottle with reed sticks)
  • $28.90
  • $28.90