Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser 240ml (Black)

Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser 240ml (Black)

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  • 6 months local warranty

240ml Ultrasonic Humidifier - Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser in Black

• Get the cozy feel of a fireplace
• Create a relaxing and warm atmosphere
• Candles can be dangerous- diffuser is a safer alternative
 Access from any corner of the room with remote control

Looking to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home without ever having to strike a match? The Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser gives you an enchanting experience that will take your relaxation game to the next level! Now you can mimic that feeling of curling up by a fireplace while also filling your home with calming scents.

Simply add Diffuser Essential Oil and watch in awe as lovely mist is produced with flame-like effects. Add a new dimension to your home and turn any room into your peaceful retreat with Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser!

Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing. Click here for a list of our scents and each benefits.


Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser is the perfect way to get that cozy fireplace feeling without any of the hassle! Create a soothing and calming atmosphere in your
home without even bothering with messy candles. Simply add Diffuser Essential Oil, sit back, and watch as lovely scented mist is produced with dynamic
flame-like effects. This device makes all your relaxation dreams come true - no logs or open fires needed. With it's beautiful and sleek black or white colour, you can set a serene mood in any room of your house. Now achieving the feel of a cozy campfire is easier than ever before! Plus, it's incredibly easy to use. The Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser comes with an included
remote control so you can control it from any corner of the room, making sure that anytime you're wanting a calm and peaceful retreat, you'll be able to
quickly get it. And this is a much safer alternative to candles too! Confidently drift off knowing that this device will automatically shut itself off after the
water runs out, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the diffuser. Bring that
feeling of relaxation and warmth from a campfire into your very own home with Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser! Pick one up for yourself to truly bring out the
best in your home today!


Kirona Scent's essential oils are formulated and made in Singapore using premium quality ingredients that are free from parabens and harmful chemicals. Safe for pets and babies for air scenting purpose.


Our revolutionary Diffuser Essential Oil is water soluble and contains botanical extracts. It is a water-based essential oil, which means it is able to mix well with water. It provides consistent scenting when diffusing through an aroma diffuser and prevents clogging of diffuser due to the use of incompatible oils.

Diffuser Essential Oil was created to help everyone enjoy aromatic and healthy living, and is suitable for everyday use.

Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing. Choose from our wide variety of scents ranging from floral, citrus, fruity, woody, hotel fragrances, perfumes, colognes, aquatic and nature greens to bask into all day long!


1x Blazing Fire Aroma Diffuser (Black)

1x Singapore 3 Pin Plug

1x Remote Control

1x 30ml Diffuser Essential Oil


Capacity: 240ml

Diffusion Time (Low Mist): Up to 15 hours

Diffusion Time(High Mist): Up to 12 hours

Timer options: 2hr / 4hr

Remote control

7 LED moodlights

Compatible to use with water-based essential oil

Auto Shut Off

Cable Length: Approx 1.5m


Blazing Fire: L21cm x W8cm x H13.5cm

Blazing Fire Box: L21.5cm x 9cm x 18cm


Adds moisture to spaces

Automatic shut off safety feature

Timer option = save unnecessary electricity or essential oils

Bring a calming energy into any space with the cozy ambiance of a warm fireplace

Relieve stress with the aromatherapy essential oil of your choice


1. Remove the cover

2. Fill the tank with water below the max line

3. Add approx 5ml-10ml of your preferred essential oil into the water

4. Place the cover back on and plug the unit into power

5. Press the mist button and enjoy the scented vapour slowly filling up your space

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"How does this aroma diffuser or humidifier works?"

Check out this guide on how to use our aroma diffuser.

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What Is An Ultrasonic Humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is an efficient device used in many households to moisturise the air. It works by converting water into a fine mist or vapour utilizing ultrasonic vibrations so as to disperse it into the atmosphere.

The humidifier releases moisture into the air and helps improve air quality and alleviate dryness. Our range of ultrasonic humidifiers are not only beneficial for restoring humidity in dry areas, but also has aromatherapy effects due to its ability to turn essential oils and other liquids into a fine mist. This makes ultrasonic humidifiers great for dispersing pleasing scents and maintaining general air quality in any given room.

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