Flame Aroma Diffuser 60ml (Wireless)

Flame Aroma Diffuser 60ml (Wireless)

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60ml Ultrasonic Humidifier (Wireless) - Flame Aroma Diffuser

The Flame Aroma Diffuser: a portable, USB-C rechargeable device that helps to create a cozy candle-like ambiance. Its wireless capabilities make it the perfect aroma companion to bring with you wherever you go. Paired with our diffuser essential oils, customize your aromatherapy experience and elevate your space with the scent of your choice.

It’s one button operation and sleek matte black minimalistic design makes it an ease to use and also helps it to seamlessly blends with any decor, making it a stylish addition to your home, office, bathroom or car. The soft candle-like ambiance it creates also helps to add a touch of warmth and relaxation to any environment.




Helps to create a warm and cozy atmosphere


Capacity: 60ml
Size: 73mm x152mm (DxH)

Diffusion Time (Plugged In): Up to 6 hours
Diffusion Time (Wireless): Up to 3 hours
7 LED moodlights

Compatible to use with water-based essential oil

Auto Shut Off

4 Settings:

Diffusion with candle light effect
Diffusion with rotating 7 LED lights
Diffusion with a fixed LED light colour
Diffusion with LED lights off

How To Use:

1. Remove the lid and fill the tank with water below the max line
2. Add approx 6-10 drops of your preferred essential oil into the water
3. Place the lid back on
4. Press the power button and enjoy the scented vapour slowly filling up your space


1x Flame Aroma Diffuser (Wireless)

1x Type C Charging Cable

1x 30ml Diffuser Essential Oil

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"How does this aroma diffuser or humidifier works?"

Check out this guide on how to use our aroma diffuser.

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What Is An Ultrasonic Humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is an efficient device used in many households to moisturise the air. It works by converting water into a fine mist or vapour utilizing ultrasonic vibrations so as to disperse it into the atmosphere.

The humidifier releases moisture into the air and helps improve air quality and alleviate dryness. Our range of ultrasonic humidifiers are not only beneficial for restoring humidity in dry areas, but also has aromatherapy effects due to its ability to turn essential oils and other liquids into a fine mist. This makes ultrasonic humidifiers great for dispersing pleasing scents and maintaining general air quality in any given room.

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