• Lil' Tube (Metallic Silver) Car Purifier

Lil' Tube (Metallic Silver) Car Purifier


Stylish, modern, for every vehicle

Scent up and enhance the ambience of your car with Lil' Tube! Stylish USB air purifier.


  • Water air purification system
  • 6 LED changing lights
  • Reduces smoke and dust particles
  • Eliminates odour, germs & bacterias
  • Metallic Silver Finishing


  • Dimensions: 67mm (W) x 120mm (H)
  • Powered by: USB
  • Cable Length: 1 metre

Use with Kirona Diffuser Essential Oil

  • Add approximately 5ml (half cap) of essential oil each time of use
  • Water-based specially formulated for all air purifiers
  • Produces foam to trap dust particles effectively
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% botanical extracts
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
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