Spa Reed Diffuser (Black) - Citrus Wood

Spa Reed Diffuser (Black) - Citrus Wood

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Spa Reed Diffuser (Black) Scent List

Citrus Wood Spa Reed Diffuser Black 110ml

Key Scent Notes: Laurel Leaf, Cedarwood, Oakmoss

Citrus Wood is inspired by the legendary Versace Eros, this fragrance is an ensemble of fresh and woody notes that blend perfectly together.

Kirona Scent's reed diffusers are designed to be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, office, or any other areas you'd like to add scented ambience.


Spa Reed Diffuser in black exudes a luxurious and mysterious aura.

Decked in frosted glass, light is able to pass through beautifully.

Place it on your tv console or bedside table to instantly add some luxe in your home! One of the minimalistic decor piece you shouldn't miss out!


- Convenient and hassle free

- Acts as home decor and aroma diffuser

- Minimalist reed diffuser design

- Experience effortless scenting

- Fill your home with long lasting aroma for weeks


Kirona Scent's essential oils are formulated and made in Singapore using premium quality ingredients that are free from parabens and harmful chemicals. Safe for pets and babies for air scenting purpose.

Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing. Choose from our wide variety of scents ranging from floral, citrus, fruity, woody, hotel fragrances, perfumes, colognes, aquatic and nature greens to bask into all day long!


Citrus Wood is a bright and invigorating combination of the fresh notes of bergamot, grapefruit and laurel leaf, all layered over a warm base of cedarwood, vanilla and oakmoss. The top notes provide an intense burst of citrusy brightness that is reminiscent of a sun-drenched grove, while the middle notes add sweetness and complexity with apple, geranium and cashmerewood. The dry down is soft and powdery, thanks to the delicate violetwood blended in with the woodsy cedarwood. This unique blend creates a sensuous aroma that is aquatic and bold, diffuse it anywhere you want to make an impression.


Citrus Wood essential oil is a unique blend of fragrant notes that possess versatile therapeutic benefits. The top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, laurel leaf, and spearmint offer a fresh and awakening aroma that has been shown to enhance cognitive function and improve mood. When diffused into the air, these uplifting scents provide a clean and energizing ambiance, promoting a sense of clarity and positive outlook.

The middle notes of geranium, cashmerewood, and muguet have a soothing effect on the mind and body. Studies have indicated that geranium scent can reduce stress and anxiety, while cashmerewood and muguet promote relaxation and calmness. When combined, these notes create a holistic experience of physical and mental wellness that helps to relieve tension and improve overall well-being.

The base notes of cedarwood, vanilla, oakmoss, and violetwood offer a grounding and earthy aroma that grounds one's senses and helps achieve a deeper level of relaxation. Known for their sedative properties, these scents have been linked to improving sleep quality and reducing symptoms of insomnia.

Citrus Wood essential oil is packed with a wide range of therapeutic benefits that can help improve your overall health and well-being. Whether you're looking for an invigorating way to start your day, unwind after a long day, or promote better sleep, this essential oil is a fantastic choice. Its unique blend of fragrant notes works in perfect harmony to provide a holistic and therapeutic experience that will leave your mind, body, and spirit rejuvenated and refreshed.


This scent is inspired by Versace Eros perfume scent. The scent captures similar notes, but not identical. Kirona Scent is not affiliated nor associated in any way with the brand, places, or the manufacturers of their scents. All trademarks and copyrights remain firmly to their respective owners.


1x Spa Black Glass Reed Diffuser

6x Black Reed Sticks

Oil Volume: 110ml


Spa Reed Diffuser Bottle: W5cm x L5cm x H12.5cm

Spa Reed Diffuser With Reed Sticks Height: 25cm

Reed Diffuser Box: W6cm x L6cm x H25.5cm



Constant fragrance

Use it anywhere

No electricity or flame required

Eliminates bad odour, germs & bacterias
Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, washrooms, offices, study room, conference room.


1. Remove stopper from Spa Reed Diffuser

2. Insert the reed sticks into Spa Reed Diffuser

3. Wipe clean the bottom of the glass reed diffuser and place a cloth below if placed on wooden surfaces or surfaces prone to staining.

4. Flip reed sticks over after few days for stronger scent

5. Enjoy your favourite scent filling up the air!

Caution: Flammable product, keep away from high heat, open flame, and direct extreme sunlight.

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