Intense Mist USB Car Diffuser

Intense Mist USB Car Diffuser

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  • 6 months local warranty

Car Ultrasonic Humidifier - Intense Mist Car Aroma Diffuser

• Compact and easy to use

• Maintain a fresh and odour-free environment in your car

• Enjoy aromatherapy and life your mood on the go

Remove car odours and have a relaxing car ride journey with the Intense Mist Car Diffuser. This USB ultrasonic humidifier and aroma diffuser uses essential oil to fill your car with fresh, invigorating scent without any effort from you. By releasing bursts of mist throughout your car, this product is perfect for busy people who wants time for self-care practices on the go and lift their spirits. Additionally, you get to customize the intensity of each aroma according to your personal preference by adding your desired amount of Diffuser Essential Oil. Explore different fragrances and get ready for an intense ride with this car scent diffuser today!
Breathe better with aromatherapy and treasure nature's healing.
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What Is An Ultrasonic Humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier is an efficient device used in many households to moisturise the air. It works by converting water into a fine mist or vapour utilizing ultrasonic vibrations so as to disperse it into the atmosphere.

The humidifier releases moisture into the air and helps improve air quality and alleviate dryness. Our range of ultrasonic humidifiers are not only beneficial for restoring humidity in dry areas, but also has aromatherapy effects due to its ability to turn essential oils and other liquids into a fine mist. This makes ultrasonic humidifiers great for dispersing pleasing scents and maintaining general air quality in any given room.

30ml Diffuser Essential Oil
Kirona Scent Diffuser Essential Oil. Water Based Essential Oil
120ml Diffuser Essential Oil
250ml Diffuser Essential Oil
30ml Diffuser Essential Oil - Citrus Wood Essential Oil
120ml Diffuser Essential Oil - Citrus Wood Essential Oil